FAAC - 740 - 741

FAAC 740/741

Premium gate opener from Italy

FAAC 740/741

• For resident sliding gates with max weigh to f 500kg (740 ) and 900 kg (741)
• As the gear motor is non reversing , no electric lock s need to be installed.
• In the event of power failure, the rotation of the key protected release device makes it possible to open and close the gate manually.
• Simplified “on display” programming.
• Magnetic limit switch.
• Quick and easy installation thanks to the built-in, prewired control unit.
• Anti-crushing protection is ensured by an eletronic device directly controlling drive torque

NEW Integrated encoder for reverse function on obstacle detection and accurate management of partial opening and slow down.

Integrated 740D electronic board

• Easy to configure through the LCD display.
• High level of programmability and adjustment of installation parameters.
• 8 operating logics.
• Self-learning logic, easy to install.


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